Privacy statement EndPlasticSoup

Update: June 7th, 2021

EndPlasticSoup respects the privacy of its members and / or visitors and ensures that personal data is handled with care.
This privacy statement explains exactly which data is processed, what is done with this data and what rights you have.
EndPlasticSoup is a foundation (“Stichting”) according to Dutch law and aims to contribute (internationally) to the reduction of plastic pollution in the world with the Rotary organization.

Contact data Stichting EndPlasticSoup:

  • Geschutswerf 3, 1018 AW Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Chamber of Commerce: 77181913
  • Public Benefit Organization (ANBI): RSIN 860925948
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Gert-Jan van Dommelen is the Data Protection Officer of EndPlasticSoup.

What is the source of the personal data?

EndPlasticSoup processes personal data provided by members because they want to be a member of the foundation, by subscribers because they want to receive the newsletters and by representatives of partner organisations, because they want to connect with EndPlasticSoup.

Which personal data does our foundation process?

EndPlasticSoup keeps an administration of members in which the following information is recorded:

  • Club name, district and country
  • Type of membership: Ambassador, Supporter, Friend
  • Contact person:
    • first name and surname, sex
    • telephone number
    • email address
    • postal address
  • Bank account number of the club
  • Payment history
  • Start of the membership
  • Attendance at meetings

EndPlasticSoup keeps an administration of subscribers in which the following information is recorded:

  • First name and surname, sex
  • email address
  • Club name, district and country, when available.

EndPlasticSoup keeps an administration of representatives of partner organisations in which the following information is recorded:

  • First name and surname, sex
  • email address
  • name of the organisation, postal address, country
  • Affiliation to Rotary, f.i. Rotary Club name, district and country
  • function in the organisation
  • status of the connection

Why do we process this data?

EndPlasticSoup processes the personal data of members in the membership administration for registration and invoicing when applicable. We also use this information for communication, and for the placement of photos on our site and social media.

We use the personal data of subscribers to send them information related to EndPlasticSoup, such as the Newsletter.

How long do we keep personal data?

EndPlasticSoup does not store the personal data longer than is necessary for the intended purpose. Personal data is stored for maximum 5 years after termination of membership or subscription, for information that falls under the fiscal retention obligation, a retention obligation of 7 years applies.

What rights do you have with regard to the processing of personal data?

You have the right at any time to stop processing (the so-called right to be forgotten), to correct the personal data, to object or to have data deleted. If the right to be forgotten is exercised, the membership will be terminated and the personal data deleted after the financial obligations have been fulfilled. In the personal environment of the website (accessible via username and password) members have insight into their own personal data. Changes in personal data or privacy settings can also be made in this environment. 

Where can you go with a question or complaint?

For questions or complaints about the processing of personal data, please contact us via In addition, you can also submit a complaint to the national supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This can be done via the following link

Automated decision-making

When a decision is made automatically on the basis of personal data without the intervention of a real person, this is an automated decision-making process. EndPlasticSoup does not make decisions based solely on automated processing on matters that may have consequences for people.

Computer programs

EndPlasticSoup uses the following computer programs: Mailchimp for membership and newsletters, ‘tWerkt website, Whatsapp, Gmail and Dropbox.


Images are published if no one has objected to publication. When requested the Board will decide to remove the photo.

Photos and videos of youth are only published with the consent of the parents / supervisors (up to the age of 16), above the age of 16 the child itself decides.

Third Parties

We only engage third parties if this is in line with the purpose for which we have processed your personal data. The third party can only receive our assignment for data processing if this party has demonstrably taken appropriate security measures and guarantees confidentiality. Furthermore, the association is sometimes legally obliged to provide personal data to third parties. 

Rotary International

EndPlasticSoup operates in compliance with Rotary International’s policies for Rotarian Action Groups, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. Rotary International takes no responsibility for any action of EndPlasticSoup

How do we ensure that the processing of your personal data is handled with care?

EndPlasticSoup has outsourced the management of the administration, website, email to service providers. Processing agreements have been concluded with these companies that are in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and Dutch law. The servers used are all located within the EU. Backups are made and software updates and security software are provided.