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Project Waste-to-Reward Agroforestry Initiative

Rotaract Club Tamale (Ghana) in partnership with the Ummy Relief Foundation, Technology Without Borders and Rotary EndPlasticSoup will start the project to tackle waste management challenges while promoting sustainable agriculture and community development. Through a five-year initiative, we envision transforming waste into valuable resources and fostering environmental stewardship in the…

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Project Oceanographic Portugal Azul expedition

Ambassador Club RC Marbella and Rotary Clubs in Portugal support the La Portugal Azul expedition that investigates plastic waste along the Atlantic coast of Portugal including the Azores. The expedition is led by famous adventurer Nacho Dean as a follow-on of the successful La Espana Azul expedition in 2023, and…

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Project Uganda Greater Masaka – Waste management and Plastic Upcycling

Plastic pollution has become a significant environmental challenge in Greater Masaka, affecting communities across six districts in Uganda. This proposal aims to address the adverse effects of plastic pollution by establishing a waste management process and comprehensive recycling initiative while concurrently fostering economic empowerment opportunities for local communities.

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Project EndPlasticSoup DPOL Dollard

Rotary Club Winschoten, Netherlands, and Rotary Club Leer, Germany, have sold two ‘End Plastic Soup’ puzzles “Santa Run” and “Summer Camp” drawn in the (Netherlands) very popular Jan van Haasteren-stile. Funds raised by selling the puzzles Part of the profit was contributed to the development of a Bubble Barrier in…

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Microplastics in Marine Environment

The Rotary Clubs from the wider Split area in Croatia support the Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries (IOR) to equip IOR with devices for examination and determination of exact degree and type of microplastics pollution pollution in the Adriatic Sea. The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries is the first national…

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Assiut – Adopt a River

RC Al Shorouk (D2451 Egypt), RC München-Land (D1842,Germany) and NGO VeryNile, decided to make a Global Grant project at Assiut which is situated 500 km south of Cairo and on the River Nile. In relation with the initiatives Adopt a river and End Plastic Soup, the project aims to collect…

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Tuscany in Action

A 3 years awareness Global Grant project against plastic pollution The main objective of the project is to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution on the coasts of Tuscany among 3 targets of the population: young people, fisherman and tourism.

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Nile Plastic free

In order to reduce Plastic waste in the River Nile RC Al Shorouk (Egypt) along with RC Muenchenland (Germany) established a Global Grant to build a catamaran boat to collect plastic from the Nile and send it for recycling and production of several products. This project is self sustainable and…

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EndPlasticSoup in Vietnam

Hotels in Southern Vietnam unite to create a plant that upcycles plastic waste The hotel industry in Vietnam’s idyllic Cam Ranh is tackling the scourge of plastic waste head on, working together to ultimately help establish a local plant that upcycles all types of plastic waste. The “End Plastic Soup…

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Project Youth for a plastic free lake Victoria

Our Rotaract Ambassador Club in Uganda, Rotaract club of Muteesa 1 Royal University Kirumba Masaka D9214, prepares an education and awareness project “Youth for a plastic free lake Victoria”. The target area is the Kalangala district and lake Victoria landing and fishing site. The project target population are 6000 school…

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Katwijk Bubble Barrier start project with Coast Busters

Project Limes Bubble Barrier Katwijk

EndPlasticSoup participates in this project to prevent plastic waste entering the North Sea and supporting education. RC Winschoten sponsored with the benefits of the Rotary Puzzle.

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Clean river Nile

Project Cleanup river Nile

RC Horus Heliopolis and RC Al Shorouk Cairo in Egypt partnered with VeryNile and donated nets to fishermen families as the first step to clean the river Nile. On 7 June the new catamaran boat has been launched for cleaning the Nile from plastic, a great milestone!

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