Creating Awareness, Taking Action & Building Alliances


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Schoolproject in Mompiche Ecuador
Schoolproject in Mompiche Ecuador

Creating Awareness

It all starts with education, the children, the younger generation, and awareness for everyone.
Creating awareness for the dangers of microplastics, the real problem of plastic pollution. Microplastics never go away and they threaten our planet and our health.

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Taking Action

We believe Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs can make a difference by taking actions in their local communities and giving the good example in their own private lives: using less plastic, no single-use plastics, improving the waste management and cleaning our environment.  Step by step we can use new materials, avoid plastic packaging and buying recycled products.

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River cleanup in Belize
River cleanup in Belize
CollectiX boat in Bosnia Herzegovina
CollectiX boat in Bosnia Herzegovina; Pilot project February 2021 River Drina near Bijeljina

Building Alliances

By working together we can accelerate new innovative solutions to prevent and solve plastic pollution. We build local and international alliances with companies, NGOs, universities and research institutes and we cooperate with authorities in our communities for preventing plastic waste and a good waste management system. In the end we strive for a full circular economy.

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