Building Alliances across the Full Lifecycle of Plastic

We believe Rotary can accelerate solutions by working together with many organizations worldwide:

  • Local and international Alliances inside and outside Rotary to support new developments and accelerate solutions across the lifecycle of plastic: Refuse, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Recover and Recycle.
  • Alliances for education and awareness.
  • Knowledge center & network of universities and research institutes – information and contacts are available to Rotarians worldwide.
  • Cooperation with authorities to change policies and legislation, improve publicity to accelerate plastic reduction and improve the waste management system.
  • Support Rotary actions and projects worldwide, and cooperate with companies and organizations to solve and prevent plastic pollution

Our Alliances

Rotary ESRAG

ESRAG: Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group. ESRAG empowers members of the Rotary Family worldwide to take actions to sustain our…

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River Cleanup

River Cleanup is a global network organization stopping plastic from reaching our oceans by cleaning rivers, changing behavior and transforming…

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Logo Everwave


Everwave is a social enterprise with a focus on education, awareness and innovation with new technologies to solve the plastic…

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