EndPlasticSoup: People of action

People of action

We help to prevent and solve the plastic pollution problem worldwide.

That is why the Clubs of Amsterdam started the EndPlasticSoup movement in June 2018, with over 200 Rotarians from D1580 and 100 children in the Amsterdam canals to fish for plastic. And today we already have over 300 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs supporting us in 43 countries worldwide!

We strive for a full circular economy for plastics, cooperating with NGOs companies and authorities worldwide.

Our motto is:

Start today, Step by Step and Together

People of action
People of action in Zantvoort

People of Action

School children in Mompiche Ecuador making paintings to create awareness of the plastic problem
School children in Mompiche Ecuador making paintings to create awareness of the plastic problem

Start today

  • It all starts with awareness and education.
  • You can start the change: take action yourself, use less plastic, for example by using a refillable bottle, a lunchbox, a linen or recycled cotton (shopping) bag, by reducing cloth washing and by separating waste, or preventing litter.
  • As a Club, Rotary can make a difference: take action as a Club and help accelerating solutions for this immense problem, Rotary can make a difference!

Step by step

  • ‘Think Global, Act Local’ – start with small actions and projects in your local community
  • Use a stepwise approach: use the 80/20 rule: ‘easy tasks’ today and expand while doing
  • ‘Do It, Grow It’, extend your project to increase our Impact, expand our reach & enhance participation
Step by step
Roteract Kampala Uganda in action in their community
EndPlasticSoup in Hamburg Rotary Conference
EndPlasticSoup in Hamburg Rotary Conference


  • Inside and Outside Rotary, Young and old, we support Rotary, Rotaract, Interact Clubs and Districts actions and projects worldwide
  • We have a lean and mean umbrella organization with Ambassador Clubs worldwide who represent us in their district
  • We work with ESRAG, WASHRAG and other initiatives within Rotary like Plastic Free Waters of the IYFR regarding solving and preventing plastic pollution

What can you do yourself (DIY)?

  • Stop using single-use plastics and try to buy less plastic products
  • Apps can support you to use less plastic: download the ‘My Little Plastic Footprint’ app or the ‘Beat the Microbead’ app
  • Clean your environment, by using the Litterati app you can upload photos of pollution to alert producers
  • Have fun and win a prize by using the Plastic Bingo app
  • Download the Plastic Bingo app and clean your environment
  • Create awareness with family and friends: e.g. tell everybody to use 2 plastic pieces less per day. By doing that we use almost 9 Billion pieces of plastic less per year! (2 x 10 family, friends x 1,2 million Rotarians x 365 )
  • Join EndPlasticSoup: sign up for the newsletter or become a Friend for 50 euro/year and support our projects worldwide.
  • Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Endplasticsoup

DIY = Do It Yourself

Use our tips

What actions can your club take?

  • Learn more about Plastic Pollution and the actions you can take and ask for a presentation about EndPlasticSoup endplasticsoup@gmail.com
  • Organize a Cleanup action and participate in our Action Days: 18-22 March 2023, 3 June 2023 and 16-24 September 2023 (read more about our actions)
  • Raise awareness and ask non-Rotarians to participate and make publicity in the local press.
  • Schools and Sport Clubs: awareness, plastic reduction,
  • Shops, restaurants: no single use plastics
  • Plastic free events
  • Clean-ups
  • Support an EndPlasticSoup project (read more about our projects). Information about Global Grants.

Become a Supporter Club for 200 euro/year and get access to materials and receive our EndPlasticSoup Flag for publicity and awareness.
As a Supporter Club you can be our Ambassador Club in your District when your district does not have an Ambassador Club already.

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