A step by step approach:

  1. Expanding our school Project. First step is to extend education via Rotaract Clubs, focus on whole of Ghana, and start collection of food waste and plastic, and support school gardens: budget is required to provide T-shirts.
  2. Visits to Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs to speak to them about Rotary EndplasticSoup and how they can become Ambassador Clubs. Second step is to engage more clubs, attend district conferences, spend each last weekend of the month: budget needed for traveling and provide EndPlasticSoup flags.
  3. Connecting Businesses and International Organizations working on Plastic recycling to Rotary EndPlasticSoup. Third step is to visit recycling companies, some also inviting students to show what is possible.
  4. Solicite for support to create a ‘Waste Management and Training’ Project in Ghana.
  5. Targeting 20-30 % Rotary Clubs in Ghana enrolled into the EndplasticSoup Initiative before the end of 2024.
  6. Organize an end of year ‘Plastic Summit’ for all stakeholders on the best possibilities to end plastic pollution. The annual Plastic Summit could include a hackathon in the days before the summit, presenting the best ideas at the summit. Inviting waste companies and authorities to discuss strategies to reduce waste (e.g. clothes, plastic, organic, rest waste….). Invite leaders from Europe and Africa to attract companies/authorities in Ghana, and to meet each other.


  • Visit to WASHRAG convention, last week January, to prepare a partnership with WASHRAG as a Sister organization, similar to the cooperation with ESRAG
  • Prevent Gutters that attract musquitoes that spread malaria.
  • Adopt rivers/water sheds as part of the “EndPlasticSoup Adopt a river” initiative.
  • Collect waste and reduce plastic waste to prevent plastic burning in case of bush fires.
Cleanup Tamale Ghana