More and more results from research are available showing that plastic pollution has a major impact on health. About 95 additives in plastics are poisonous however still little is known about the dangers. We now do know additives impact our hormone system (‘Endocrine Disruption’), impact the unborn child and reduce fertility among males and females.
Research continues to proof the impact on humans, while evidence for animals (mice, pigs, chickens and earth worms) has already proven the negative impacts on fertility. Early indications show a correlation with lung diseases, diabetes and breast cancer.

Read more about the learnings during the 2nd Plastic Health Summit organized by the Plastic Health Coalition.

We are surrounded by plastics. Much of our furniture, clothing, electronics, and food packaging is made from it. Additional research is needed to investigate the expected impact of plastic on our health. Read more about the impact of plastic pollution on our health

Image: Plastic Atlas 2019