Worldwide EndPlasticSoup Action Day June 4, 2022

The first Saturday of June is the EndPlasticSoup Action Day worldwide and this year it will be the 5th time that this Action Day takes place. This weekend coincides with the Rotary International Convention this year from June 4-8 in Houston, and with the UN World Environment Day.

Many clubs that participate in EndPlasticSoup go walking, rowing, SUPPing, planting trees or pricknicking to draw attention to the problem of plastic pollution on land, in the water and in the air with a clean-up campaign or a meeting. There are many ways to raise awareness about the plastic waste in our environment. Take action with your club. Invite non-Rotary members as well, and draw attention to the (local) media. Bring your children and grandchildren, use our Plastic Bingo app, come up with a nice price yourself, bring a picnic basket and have a good time together. We also have a nice coloring page for the little ones that shows the difference between organic and inorganic waste.
If the first weekend of June doesn’t work out, you can of course organize an action at another time!

In the new club year we will start in September with an action week: from Saturday 17 September (world cleanup day) to Sunday 25 September (world river day). More information about this will follow in August.

Put the action day in your agenda and start to prepare the action day

Logo 5th EndPlasticSoup Action Day 4 June 2022

Download the action day material

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Download Action Day logo
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Merchandise plastic bags 1x1

Rotary Club Merchandise for the action day

In Europe, items such as EndPlasticSoup vests, jackets and waste bags can be ordered through Rotary Club Merchandise. Other articles with the EndPlasticSoup logo are also included in the extensive program. If your club organizes a cleanup and/or participates in the worldwide EndPlasticSoup action day on June 4th, we advise everyone to order the Rotary Merchandise waste bags. Made from recycled plastic, great for a lot of waste and also with the EndPlasticSoup logo!

The bags can be ordered via:

Share your experiences of the action day

After the action day you can send a short text with an impression of the action day and a photo of the cleanup to We are happy to publish all promotions on our site.

Download the coloring page for the little ones that shows the difference between organic and inorganic waste.

Download Coloring page

Instructions how to use Photoshop to create your own poster with your district on it.

EndPlasticSoup Photoshop instructions