The West Africa Projects Fair (WAPF) is an annual event which offers Rotary Clubs from 6 Rotary Districts in Western Africa (9101, 9102, 9110, 9125, 9141 and 9142) the opportunity to present humanitarian projects for review, funding and partnerships by Rotarians and friends of Rotary from across the world.

Participating countries includes: Ghana (Host), Nigeria, Liberia, Benin Republic, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Togo, and Senegal.

EndPlasticSoup will present the project EndPlasticSoup „Recycle Up - Water Sachets“ in Ghana.

Register today: https://rotarywapf.org/registration/
Registration will close on November 2nd!